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Specifically, a gliding arc and ultrasound enhanced plasma processing were developed.

The gliding arc presented is characterized by stable extension of the discharge into air up to several centimetres operated by a high frequency alternating current AC. In the optimized conditions, highly oxidative radicals are efficiently produced and used for surface processing.

In addition, the discharge may not necessarily extinguish at every half period, but can survive over a plurality of AC periods, suppressing unwanted energy consumption for arc ignition.

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Ultrasound enhanced plasma processing demonstrated enhanced treatment effects, arc suppression, and improved treatment-uniformity, compared to plasma processing without ultrasonic irradiation. Download as: Download as PDF. Download as HTML. Download as Word.

Treatment Toward a Cure: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Diabetic and other Neuropathies

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If the generator will still not synchronise or disconnects, try turning on the setting for Weak AC. This will compromise efficiency. Lastly, adjusting the settings for Voltage and Frequency windows. These are higher risk to your appliances, they should only be used cautiously when it is confirmed that the loads will tolerate the out of specification power supply. This should be done by a competent technician with the aid of a multimeter and only opened so far as to allow for safe functionality.

Achilles Tendonitis: Absolute Best Self-Treatment, Exercises, & Stretches

Electrical current will go through the MultiPlus only if it meets the programmed minimal quality requirements; in that way the MultiPlus protects the electrical supply of delicate equipment. Warning: changing these settings will allow to feed-through current that may be of insufficient quality for the electrical requirements of your equipment. When the sine wave is of good quality, the Inverter of the MultiPlus will hook up on it, thus allowing a synchronised and fast transfer when the generator stops.

1. Introduction

Many generators have more or less ill-shaped sine waves, in particular during sudden load changes. In these situations, the MultiPlus will disconnect frequently or not connect at all. The UPS function must then be deactivated. The drawback is a slightly longer transfer time. If the generator is extremely stable and if that same stability is required on the output of the MultiPlus, this setting may be disabled.

On generators where the output voltage drops under load, setting this value to a higher value can help resolve inverter overload shutdowns.

The reason this happens is that the Multi will synchronise and follow the generator voltage as it sags. If the generator is disconnected under load either due to low-voltage disconnection, stalling, lack of fuel, etc then when the Multi switches back to inverter mode; it must immediately supply all the power required by the loads at that same low voltage and subsequent higher current. For Full information on Loss of Mains detection, please see this more detailed explanation. This feature is intended to reduce load impacts on low-power generators, such as portable inverter technology models.

These generators may be unable to respond to sudden load impacts. The charger on the Multiplus is very powerful. For example:.

If you find the generator is still overloading, or running too hard, you may lower this further. It can also be increased if you find the generator easily handles the load though this can be difficult to test as it requires a flat battery to maximise charging demand and a large load. The AC input current should be adjusted first, as it also takes into account the PowerAssist functionality.

The Multi is able to synchronise the generator waveform with it's own and provide power to the loads from the generator as well charging the battery. This means it still possible to overload the generator with a low 'DC Charger current limit' if the AC input limit is not also set correctly to the size of the generators output. Some generators have a waveform which makes it difficult to charge with the normal charge mechanism. Disadvantage of using this option is that the input power factor, normally equal or close to 1, will be degraded.

This function should be used only when the preceding ones are ineffective. This leading or lagging power factor will have the effect of demanding more kVa from the generator for the same or less DC Watts delivered to the batteries. You may need to further reduce the DC Current Limit in the Charger tab of VEConfigure if the generator continues to overload after changing this setting.

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A detailed description of all settings is available in the VE-Configure help menu, and more instructions are available in our manuals. The PowerAssist feature can be extremely useful, however it restricts the minimum AC input current limit and this may exceed your generators ability to supply.

What are electromagnetic fields?

The exact restriction varies between models - see here for the list. If you have a small generator and have trouble getting connected or staying connected, Disable PowerAssist to allow the device to reduce the AC input current limit. There is some discussion about troubleshooting these issues on this Victron Community Question - Multiplus With Generator And Residual Current Device , however as troubleshooting and correcting these faults have serious safety implications, they are best discussed with a local installer who has appropriate electrical qualifications, or your Victron Dealer.