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Convenience and shelf presence are driving beauty packaging sales

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Shop Reviews Videos Articles. Published Aug 07, The report also provides profiles of 15 leading companies operating within the market, and includes an exclusive interview with a leading cosmetics packaging company, providing expert insight alongside visiongain analysis.

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Visiongain considers that this methodology results in an accurate, objective mixture of analyses and forecasts. Within the report, you will be able to read a full transcript of an interview from a leading company involved within the cosmetics packaging market. Chapter 1 is the executive summary. Chapter 2 is an introduction to the cosmetic packaging market providing a clear overview and definition of the market and its characteristics.

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Detailed market forecasting and analysis is provided for each country. Chapter 7 provides a detailed SWOT-analysis of the cosmetic packaging marketsChapter 8 features an original interview with an industry expert from Cosmopak, who offers an insider's perspective on the cosmetic packaging market. Chapter 9 lays out profiles of the leading 15 companies operating in the cosmetic packaging market. Chapter 10 provides a summary of the report, outlining the main conclusions of the analyses.

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Chapter 11 provides a glossary. Anybody with an interest in the cosmetic packaging market should gain valuable information and insight from this new study by visiongain, which analyses one of the most exciting markets in the cosmetics sector. Cosmetic packaging offers substantial business and investment opportunities and is becoming an increasingly important component of the cosmetics market in several key regional markets. This visiongain cosmetic packaging report will be valuable both to those already involved in the cosmetic packaging market and those wishing to enter the market in the future.

Introduction to the Cosmetics Packaging Market2. Leading Companies in Cosmetics Packaging9. Table 3. Figure 2.

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