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PDF 2 MB. Abstract The keynote paper of this issue's symposium points out that the tremendous growth in the industrial usage of organometallic chemistry between involved the production of commodity chemicals.

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Cited By. This article is cited by 1 publications. Consiglio and Franco. Half-sandwich chiral ruthenium complexes.

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Chemical Reviews , 87 4 , DOI: Organometallic chemistry has changed. It should continue to provide chemists with the tools to change what they make and how they make it. In polymer technology, for instance, adiponitrile is synthesized by hydrocyanation of butadiene. Can this monomer or its co-monomer be made from glucose? Professor Pedro J. The next generation must focus on new reactions rather than on innumerable variations of established reactions.

This struck a chord with John who added the example of the fundamentally different reactions of hydrogenation of imines and nitriles, which both formally involve a hydride reduction.

Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 69

We need new synthetic tools to perform the same reaction in several ways. Alternative and sustainable energy solutions need to be found with the help of organometallic chemistry. Professor Charlotte Williams , Oxford University, UK, was inspired by the posters at the conference that showed important problems still to be solved, such as energy generation and storage not forgetting the distribution and transport of energy. Flow chemistry or developments outside organometallic chemistry such as the turnkey methods of molecular biology ready for immediate use can be friends, not foes.

We also need to utilize solar energy to make organometallic chemistry more sustainable.

The audience suggested new directions for organometallic chemistry. Chemical vapor deposition CVD and nanochemistry should also be part of an organometallic chemistry conference. The direction of organometallic chemistry research itself was questioned. At present every lab is doing its own small research projects.

The idea that governments should set the priorities with a "Manhattan project" approach prompted an immediate reaction. The answer from the panel was a categorical "no". The government's main goal should be to educate young people. The more a government intervenes in research the more time is diverted from research to administration. Chemists must organize themselves and concentrate on exchange of information. They have shown that they can do this: Scientists invented the internet — not to create Facebook but to exchange information.

Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis

Nevertheless, to develop this new face of organometallic chemistry, fundamental research needs funding. The microchip that is essential for everyday laptops and smartphones descends from the moon landing technology.

Imagine polymerization today without the fundamental studies of Zr metallocene catalysts. How could anybody have guessed where such seemingly esoteric research would lead?

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Overall, the background accomplished confers members of the line a considerable versatility in the development of research. As a primary goal, these characteristic features knowledge based research and versatility are intended to be retained in the next period. On the other hand, extension of the research towards applicable findings is also highly present.

Organometallic chemistry

Thus, a substantial effort to the development of useful catalysts has also been made and constitutes an important part in the mission of this line. At this respect, these efforts will be maintained in the future and, moreover, an attempt to diversify the range of applications of our research will also be pursued. This challenge will include the development of novel synthetically useful homogeneous catalysts including chiral ones , the heterogeneization of organometallic complexes towards the development of supported catalysts and the discovery of compounds with therapeutical uses.

Derived from our general objective, and intimately ligated to it, the members of the line are strongly committed to transmit the excellence in research to education.

Organometallic Catalysis and Sustainability: From Origin to Date

It is worth to mention that the areas of Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis are directly related to activity of European Chemical Industry, therefore eduction of graduate students in these disciplines is of high interest. Therefore, the supervision of PhD theses and the formation of foreign students in our laboratories will also be important aims for the line.

Organometallic Chemistry

Finally, education will not be restricted at the highest level, as teaching at the undergraduate level will also be kept in the future. Contact How to get RSS.

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