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In the previous Nightrunner book the Skalans achieved victory over the Plenimarans, and as a result much of Plenimar has been claimed by the Skalans. The newly appointed Queen Elani sends her aunt Princess Klia to govern the island of Korous after the previous governor has mysteriously passed away. However the seal on her prison has been disrupted, allowing her to influence the outside world.

She captures Klia among other native island residents and forces her to further break the seal on the prison.

Shards of Time (Nightrunner, #7) by Lynn Flewelling - Risingshadow

Their plan works and the dyrmagnos is destroyed. The only real damage to the main characters is to Thero, who is blinded. Alec and Seregil, the main characters of the series are not really the focus of this novel compared to the previous ones, sadly.

Seregil has a seemingly prophetic dream about Alec being locked away from him forever. This prophecy ends up not coming true and I suppose it was meant to be a red herring — and a decent one at that. However it is resolved quite easily and perhaps in a way that underscores their healthy relationship that has been fostered over seven books.

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By the end of the book there are dozens of refugees that have made their home there. Together, they start a Mirror Moon clan, which I thought was really nice. Otherwise the couple is no worse for wear at the end of the book.

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Thero is the consummate wizard in this novel. Thankfully she successfully avoided this trope, as they both proved to be sensible enough to honor their duty to Skala as should be expected for a Princess and essentially head wizard of Skala. Mika shows some extraordinary powers that help save the characters in many occasions.

Lynn Flewelling reads from The White Road

I thought he would be the one to obliterate the dyrmagnos using this power, but he ends up using it to save Alec from a lesser threat. I thought that the use of Mika in this way was also a nice avoidance of the trope of the wunderkind saving the day. I also thought he might have been tempted by the dyrmagnos and her power but Mika is stalwart in his devotion to Thero and the rest of the characters. As with the previous books, Micum is just there.

Shards of Time

Overall, I enjoyed this book and revisiting the cast of really unforgettable characters. As this is the last Nightrunners book, I was hoping for either a more conclusive ending or much more character development, especially with Alec and Seregil. This series is definitely not an epic fantasy series so I understand why there was no earth-shattering finale.

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That the final Nightrunners book incorporates both of these elements was a source of great joy to me. We pretty quickly discover that the ghosts are coming from some other place, a place where dark magic rules.

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Only the dead can walk with the dead, the group keeps hearing. I did!

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The statistical average of a bunch of things I quite liked comes out to another thing I quite liked — as you might expect. Without getting into the messy mysticism of the whole Sebrahn plotline bleh , the magic aspects were pleasantly creepy and felt like a genuine risk to our heroes. The crucial thing to keeping a long-running series alive emotionally is ruthlessness on the part of the writer. Spoilers to follow. One of my favorite sequences in the book is when Klia is kidnapped by a necromancer, who threatens her and her new pregnancy if Klia refuses to help.

That is the correct moral decision, and it is also a pleasing display of ruthlessness by Klia in pursuit of what she wants.

Shards of Time

Everything here felt a little too planned. Still, my primary feeling was to be very, very fond of this book, and of Lynn Flewelling, and like, the younger versions of me who read this series over the years. That book is some scary business.