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Rust-based solar panels could make hydrogen cheap and efficient.

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Toward practical solar hydrogen production – an artificial photosynthetic leaf-to-farm challenge

Stuart SpringerLink Online service. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Contents Renewable Energy and the Hydrogen Economy. While the technological and economic aspects of solar hydrogen generation are evolving, the scientific principles underlying various solar-assisted water splitting schemes already have a firm footing.

Renewables Based Hydrogen Generation for Energy Storage Projects in Nothern Germany

This book aims to expose a broad-based audience to these principles. Subject Solar energy. Hydrogen as fuel. Bibliographic information.

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Publication date Reproduction Electronic reproduction. New York : Springer, Mode of access: World Wide Web. But if the source of the electricity is the sun, it would be much more efficient to use solar energy to produce hydrogen by a photochemical process inside the cell itself. The researchers have shown that by including small amounts of silicon and cobalt, they can grow nanostructured thin films of iron oxide that convert sunlight into the electrons needed to form hydrogen from water.

Solar to fuels conversion technologies: a perspective

And the iron oxide films do this more efficiently than ever before with this material. Iron oxide has long been an appealing material for such solar panels, in part because it holds up well in contact with water.

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But although it can absorb sunlight, the resulting charge carriers could not easily escape the material, so they recombined, canceling each other out before they could split any water. By doping the rust with silicon, the researchers coaxed the material to form cauliflower-like structures with extremely high surface area, ensuring that a large part of the atoms in the material were in contact with the water, or very close to it.

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That way, holes could easily escape into the water, where they prompt the generation of oxygen gas. The silicon also improves electron conductivity in the material, which is important for generating hydrogen gas at an opposite electrode. The researchers further improved the process by adding cobalt, which acts as a catalyst for the reactions.