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While this phenomenon is not new eg, peasant, family, or artist communities , it has experienced a new growth engaged in the broader trend of reconceptualizing the relationship between persons and property … more. All welcome, attendance is free … more. While it seems safe to say that all European legal systems, as well as the Chinese Tort Liability Law, endorse liability based on fault, they differ in their attitude towards liability in the absence of that foundation … more.

There is no opportunity or obligation to publish connected to the conference. Our goal is simply to improve and provide support for in-progress scholarship … more.

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Conference honouring Helmut Koziol, Ulrich Magnus and Pierre Widmer: Amsterdam, 7 November The Dutch Association for Liability Law and the Law of Remedies will devote a conference to honour the major contributions of three giants in the realm of liability law … more. State Accountability under Private, Public, and International Law: London School of Economics and Political Science, 9 November The accountability of states for unlawful actions they commit or wrongful losses they inflict presents theoretical and practical challenges.

For instance, the applicability of certain doctrines is contested; the line between a wrongful or unlawful action, and a permitted one, can be blurry; and procedural hurdles can frustrate potential claims … more, call for papers. IC2BE investigates in eight Member States the application of the European Private International Law Instruments of the second generation, ie the unified procedures for cross-border enforcement … more.

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International Conference on the Law of Obligations, Zagreb, December The conference welcomes proposals from scholars and practitioners in the field of the law of obligations. Proposals should be submitted with an abstract not exceeding words and an indication of the conference topic … more. Privacy Machine Lawyering: Digitally Reconceiving Contracting, Regulation and Property: Hong Kong, January The form, speed and nature of contracting, regulation and property are experiencing dramatic change through algorithmic processing of data.

This confluence of technology and commerce has taken shape in Fintech, Regtech and more general forms of automation … more, call for papers. Modern Studies in Property Law Conference: Northumbria University, April The conference will follow the pattern of previous Modern Studies in Property Law conferences with a mix of plenary, discussion and panel sessions, and will also incorporate the social and human side of property law through the consideration of emerging technologies and the involvement of spokespersons and presentations … more, call for expressions of interest.

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Title The Economics of Healthcare Rationing. Authors Michael D. Keywords economics, healthcare rationing, healthcare, economic analyses, decision-making, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, ethics.

Abstract This article examines the economics of healthcare rationing. Citation Michael D.