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The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life does give you tips on dealing with physical items, but it also talks about how minimalism is a value you carry into every aspect of your life.

The book covers everything from a having a minimalist home to minimalist fitness. One of my favorite chapters is on a minimalist computer.

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta

I used the tips inside this chapter to make my computer a simple beautiful seamless part of my life. I have tried different filing and to do list systems and his is the only one that has worked thus far.

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You may not find this chapter as useful as I did, but you are sure to find at least one chapter that will dramatically simplify your life. Wisdom Probably the best factor about this book is that it offers more than a set of rules and procedures.

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It has more than just a minimalist philosophy or style. This book is an excellent introduction for those new to minimalism, and for those looking for practical suggestions on how to simplify your life.

How to become a minimalist - The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life - Leo Babauta

The book flows smoothly and contains practical suggestions that you can begin incorporating immediately. Want more? Just click through to this page for The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life and you can pick up a copy today.

new ebook: the simple guide to a minimalist life

Minimizing and Reducing your possessions by clearing out clutter and unnecessary physical items Figuring out how to be content with less Living a less stressful live. Strategies include simplifying your schedule and work Creating a minimalist lifestyle. Omit needless things. Just needless things. Identify the essential.

The Simple Guide To A Minimalist Life English Edition

Jot down a few of the things you want out of life and why you think minimalism will help you get there. Once you understand and connect with the whys, the hows, whats and wheres will come much more easily. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Not everyone in your family or social circles will support the changes you want to make.


Create an environment that will by reading books and blogs and enjoying other resources that encourage minimalism. Encourage others. Start by focusing on your own stuff and demonstrating the benefits of living with less. If you want people to see the joy in less, live joyfully with less.

Start small. I mean really small, tiny even. If you want this to be a lifestyle change and not just another attempt at getting organized, consider a slow and steady approach.