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Excellent treatment of recruitment and fascinating sociological material also help make this the most useful extended exercise in new military history yet to appear. The book is an example of 'new military history' which studies armies and war in the context of historical society. He blends a range of sources and references deftly. As a text or reader for early modern history courses, this instructive work is a perfect introduction to the new military history- or to just plain fine scholarship.

“Do not rape and pillage without command”: sex offences and early modern European armies

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    Product Unavailable. Annotation Frank Tallett draws upon the research of French, German, Scandinavian and English scholars to produce an innovative synthesis which illustrates how and why armies of unprecedented size were raised. Publisher Description This text aims to set warfare in social and institutional contexts. Yet, until quite recently, historical enquiry into the subject has been characterized by a predominant concern with battles, tactics and campaigns and a neglect of any consideration of the ways in which war impinged upon, and emerged out of, the institutional, social and economic structures of the period.

    Ostwald on Showalter and Astore, 'Soldiers' Lives through History: The Early Modern World'

    This book, which grew out of a course taught in the University of Reading, is an attempt to situate war in its historical context. I have not attempted to cover naval affairs, although a discussion of such matters would have been Germane to many of the themes covered in the book. To have done so would have meant extending still further a text which is already long. Nor have I sought to cover countries lying to the north and east of Germany. Not only do I lack the necessary linguistic skills to deal adequately with them, I am not wholly convinced that developments in, say, Russia and Poland can be meaningfully discussed in the contexts of trends and changes which were, in many respects, particular to western and central Europe.

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