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The name "Bed Check Charlie" was also used for these night intruders.

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The Yak's along with Polikarpov Po-2 's became quite a nuisance until US night fighters began shooting them down. Other claims to fame for the Yak are an international speed record for class in as well as being the aircraft used for initial flight training by Yuri Gagarin 1st human in space and Ken Rowe No Kum-Sok: defected with a Mig during the Korean War.

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The design proved exceptionally easy to build and maintain. There are an estimated 40 original Yak's in existence worldwide.

MMir48-011 Yakovlev Yak-18(max) Soviet trainer aircraft

Approximately four other aircraft worldwide are currently being restored for flight. The CJ-6a , produced in China, is sometimes quoted as a variant but is a completely different aircraft designed in China by Bushi Cheng and built by Nanchang Aircraft Company.

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The YakT was developed as an Aeroflot training aircraft and also as a light passenger transport aircraft, with a 4-seat cabin for one pilot and three passengers. It is not a variant of the Yak as it has very little in common, and was designed from scratch 20 years later.

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Contents [ show ]. Chinese military aircraft. Multirole and strike. Air superiority and interceptor. Ground attack.

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H-8 H-6 H Yakovlev Ya Max. The Yakovlev 18 Max Trainer willnever win any aircraft beauty contests — it was designed to be tough, simple, and easy to maintain trainer and utility aircraft.

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It filled all those requirements exactly and then some. The only problems I encountered were when I started with the cockpit.

Yakovlev Yak-18 (Max) Soviet training aircraft

There were some ejector pin marks in the seats and in the cockpit sidewalls. These were easily filled or sheeted over, and construction proceeded. Trumpeter provides film instruments that sandwich between plastic parts to provide a very nice instrument panel. There are multiple handles and levers for both throttle consoles, and compasses for the tops of the coamings. The sidewall has molded-on details…Most of it is quite good, but I found the radio panels a bit soft on detail, so I simply scratchbuilt two new ones and installed them right over the top of the molded-on ones.

I painted the cockpit Testor's Russian Interior Blue-green, with flat black panels, consoles and coamings. I washed everything with black-brown tinted Future, then shot Testors Acrylic Flat, and applied silver scuffing with a Prismacolor silver art pencil. Trumpeter supplies no seat belts, so I added belts and photoetched hardware from my spares box.

This thing is a little kit unto itself.

follow site I used multiple shades of Testor's Metalizers and the aforementioned Future wash tocomplete this beauty, which assembled with no problems. There are some more ejector pin marks on the firewall to be sheeted over, but they were no problem at all.